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The Company:

Atticus Financial Group is a leading Canadian lease brokerage firm.

From leasing a single vehicle to a fleet of delivery trucks, from a laptop computer to a whole new production line, Atticus Financial Group provides businesses with cost effective financing options to help fund their auto and equipment purchases.

The Opportunity:

Looking for a new career opportunity? Atticus may be the fit for you!

If you are seeking a career with Atticus Financial Group, the most important quality you can bring is not extensive experience – although that helps.

It is a strong commitment to the philosophy and practice of quality performance and excellent client service.

Total client satisfaction is the measure of success for any leasing program Atticus creates. And repeat business, continued satisfaction, client loyalty and ongoing referrals are the measures of our success in business.

Here are a few of the attributes that would make you an ideal candidate for Atticus:

  • You appreciate rules as guidelines, but also have a do-what-it-takes attitude to satisfy the client.
  • You are a motivated self-starter who is proactive about client needs.
  • You are open to learning new skills and business concepts.
  • You are comfortable and confident when meeting people – even for the first time.
  • You consider yourself a problem-solver: You can find creative solutions to otherwise difficult situations.
  • You are well-versed in business fundamentals, such as reading financial statements and understanding business development.
  • You work equally well on your own, or as part of a team.
  • You believe, implicitly, in delivering great customer service and experiences.

If all the above sounds like you, then we definitely want to hear from you! You could be just the kind of person we should get to know. Previous experience in leasing is not necessary. We are more interested in your attitude, your basic skills, and your energy and motivation.

Please take a few minutes to tell us why you would like to become part of the team at Atticus:

[email protected]

Let’s Start a Conversation!

Do you have questions about leasing? Are you looking for payment estimates? We’re happy to provide answers and advice, so feel free to get in touch.