Our Process

We are happy to say that leasing with Atticus is easy and quick:

STEP 1 – Tell Us What You Need

What equipment does your business need? Is it new or used? What brands or models do you have in mind? Which supplier have you chosen? A copy of your supplier’s quote is often all we will need to get started.

STEP 2 – How Will It Help?

Tell us how this new equipment will improve your business. Will it make you more efficient? Will it improve your quality? Will you be able to work faster and take on more business? Will it make you more competitive in your business or industry sector? This information can definitely help ‘sell’ your lease to prospective lenders.

STEP 3 – Tell Us About Your Company

It’s easy to fill out our corporate credit application. For equipment up to $75,000, it’s a simple, one-page form. For larger amounts, we will need a bit more information, but all we really need is a good, general idea of your financial situation. And don’t worry about your credit score. Regardless of whether it is perfect, or less than perfect, we are more creative, more flexible and have more options than banks or even many other leasing companies.

STEP 4 – Let Us Go To Work

Once we have collected this information, we will create a compelling credit story that explains how leasing this equipment will help your business and highlights your company’s strongest attributes. We use this information to match your application and needs to the most suitable lender – assuring you the best terms and conditions possible.




Let’s Start a Conversation!

Do you have questions about leasing? Are you looking for payment estimates? We’re happy to provide answers and advice, so feel free to get in touch.