Atticus Financial: An older generation inspires today’s change

*From an Interview Originally Published by the Burnaby Board of Trade

Atticus Financial is a leader in providing financing for energy efficiency based projects such as lighting retrofits and they are also active in providing financing options for the biomass sector, both of which help to reduce carbon emissions for their clients.

Ray Salama, President of Atticus Financial believes that running a business that is proactive in reducing its footprint is not only good value for his own business but for his clients as well.

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Financial Options for Growers

How many times have you heard this comment in the greenhouse industry – “How am I going to pay for it?” In this time of volatile energy costs and increased competition in the marketplace, greenhouse operators continue to hesitate and ponder about upgrading their present processes.

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A solid financial plan is critical to getting your project funded

The number one stumbling block for a Canadian bioenergy project is a lack of adequate financing. Previously, I’ve discussed the importance of a vision and a functioning team, but without adequate equity and capital investment, the dream could die. Credit strength questions are often left until the end of the project, with the hope that it will come together somehow. I’ve seen elaborate business plans without even a simple pro forma income and expense spreadsheet. Often there is no construction budget, cash flow timeline, or detailed breakdown of income sources. To launch a successful bioenergy project, you must start with a solid financial plan.

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Leasing air quality control equipment

With the new air quality emissions regulations coming into effect in September 2010, you may be researching what type of air quality control equipment you are going to install. Whether you choose a bag house filter system, wet scrubber or an electrostatic precipitator (ESP), you are still faced with the same question. How are you going to pay for the required air quality control equipment?

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Financing your greenhouse project is like training for the Olympics

Whenever the Olympics come around, our thoughts are on the athletes and all the hard work and sacrifices they endure in making their respective teams. They started with a dream that might have begun when they were only six years old. It doesn’t matter how or when the dream first formed, it only matters that after tremendous sacrifice and hard work, they are able to fulfill their goal of competing in the Winter Olympics.

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