Leasing air quality control equipment

With the new air quality emissions regulations coming into effect in September 2010, you may be researching what type of air quality control equipment you are going to install. Whether you choose a bag house filter system, wet scrubber or an electrostatic precipitator (ESP), you are still faced with the same question. How are you going to pay for the required air quality control equipment?

Did you realize that you could use an equipment lease to finance and eventually own your equipment choice? It is only recently that equipment leasing has expanded from its original market of trucks, tractors and forklifts to become a popular equipment financing option for a wide variety of equipment in the greenhouse industry.

Each greenhouse operation and equipment project is unique and your variables will be different, so if you are going to consider equipment leasing, it’s advisable to work with a leasing specialist that knows your industry and equipment requirements. Reg Renner of Atticus Financial Group has over 35 years of local greenhouse / horticultural experience and would look forward to meeting with you to discuss your equipment financing requirements and specific circumstances. Call Reg at 604-612-5674for more information.

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