Commercial Leasing Winnipeg

For our clients in Manitoba, and across Western Canada, Atticus Financial Group provides flexible, affordable leasing for all types of vehicles and equipment.

Winnipeg is known for being a major transportation hub. Many companies in this city enjoy the benefits of keeping their vehicle fleets fresh by using leasing. Our transportation clients appreciate the option of using either capital leases or operating leases for their trucks and trailers. Many other Manitoba-based businesses also use equipment leasing for their equipment-financing requirements, including agriculture-, manufacturing- and industrial-based businesses. We’ve seen the cost of processing equipment rise substantially over the years, particularly in the farming sector, where it’s not uncommon for farm equipment to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for each machine. Keeping on top of your cash management is really important in any business and our clients know that it’s a big advantage to have cash available to run their operations rather than tied up in a piece of equipment. Along with the usual monthly or quarterly payment options, there are seasonal, annual and semi-annual payment plans available for all industries. This is especially important and attractive for our ag customers.

Our Manitoba clients include small, owner-operated businesses that are fairly new, as well as businesses that have been operating for decades. We also work with clients in rural communities throughout the province.

If you are located anywhere in Manitoba, and would like to know more about the many benefits and cost savings of leasing through Atticus – please feel welcome to contact us.

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